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Angie W.

Ben and Sandra are the best! They go out of their way for anyone and they are pure down to earth friends with all their customers! I am so glad that I found them on Facebook and that they were able to get our cable much cheaper. I have to tell my story about how wonderful they are, we had a bad wind storm and I got home and my dish was hanging from the roof, so I messaged Sandra and she instantly messaged back and said Ben was close so call him and see when he could fix it, so I called Ben and he said he would be here after he got done with a job he was doing and he showed up in like 15 minutes and fixed our dish all while getting eaten by mosquitoes and stung by bees, I wanted to do something but it all happened so fast that I blinked and he jumped off the ladder, he was ok but I think a little sore from the bee stings. He got the job done and even with a smile. That's customer service!

Posted by hssadmin at 12/31/2015 8:22:00 PM
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